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Spanish House Immersion School
Serving ages 3 months – Adults

Because there’s every reason in our world to learn another language.

Our vision is to empower our students with language and cultural appreciation to become confident and open-minded lifelong learners.

Our mission is to teach the Spanish language through authentic learning experiences that cultivate critical thinking and literacy in a safe, loving, immersion environment.

"There’s a well-established positive relationship between basic thinking skills and being a fully proficient bi-literate student who maintains regular use of both languages. Fully proficient bi-literate students outperform monolingual students in the areas of divergent thinking, pattern recognition and problem solving. Bilingual children develop the ability to solve problems and think critically at an earlier age."  --Journal of International Bilingualism


Spanish House
Nursery School & Adult Program
Spanish House
Preschool/Elementary School
5740 Prospect Ave. #1000
Dallas, TX 75206
4411 Skillman Street
Dallas, TX 75206
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